Wire Partitions Storage Cage Needed

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. needed an area to store items used in the manufacturing process, so our wire partitions cage systems were perfect for them. They needed customizable and secure wire partitions that allowed for easy storage and organization, especially allowing for future changes. There were two separate cages that were installed on the same day. One was 34'6" x 14'6" and the other was 40' x 23'6". This allowed for customization to fit within their facility requirements.

Project: Mt. Olive Pickle Co. - Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Dealer: Carolina Material Handling - http://www.cmh-inc.com/

WireCrafters Wire Cage Case Study Mount Olive

Why Was WireCrafters Chosen?

The products fit their needs - quality, customized, secure, and future possibilities. WireCrafters provided outstanding service, as well as a free design and layout, which allowed for easily customized wire partitions. They also appreciated the great response time and a wide variety of products to choose from, which especially allowed for finding the perfect, customizable wire partition to fit their exact needs within a reasonable timeframe.

WireCrafters Wire Cage Case Study Mount Olive

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