Parking Garage Storage | Case Study

Project: NJS Restoration Parking Garage Storage - Boston MA Area
Distributor: L.K. Goodwin Co./West Greenwich, RI

You may remember us talking about this job before it left our facility on this episode of Mondays With Milt.

Parking Garage Needed a Way to Secure Bike Storage

This parking garage had some space that was unusable for parking spots. So, they wanted to designate an area for their residents to store their bikes securely. This presented a unique challenge for WireCrafters due to the metal beams that separated the space. The panels needed to match the angles of the beams instead of going on the inside to maximize the space available.

Maximizing Bicycle Storage Space

In addition to the wire mesh panels used to secure the space, they also used our Bike Stackers to easily store the bikes in an organized manner. The 2 tier Bike Stackers allow the residents to store more bikes in a smaller space. This is extremely helpful when storage space is at a premium.

WireCrafters Custom Capabilities

Due to the custom requirements, L.K. Goodwin provided WireCrafters with detailed measurements for the entire space as well as the spaces between the beams where the panels would be mounted. Our Engineering department then prepared drawings for each of the separate areas. In addition to the custom shaped panels, WireCrafters also utilized our Nordson powder coating setup to coat the panels in 2 different shades of blue (Sky Blue & Baby Blue).

parking garage storage
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