Secure Wire Partitions for Top Secret Projects | Case Study

Wire Partition Cage for Top Secret Project

Lynch Material Handling was able to create a manufacturing space for top secret projects. WireCrafters is known for being a secure product, especially our wire partitions. So a lot of our case studies that come in are for top secret security projects. This usually means we don't get a whole lot of detail on those jobs, which is a good problem to have! Companies and organizations that are protecting things that are considered top secret are using WireCrafters to keep those secrets secure. But, we do have some details about the job, so make sure to keep reading below!

Dealer: Lynch Material Handling

End User: Top Secret

Product: Wire Partitions

Secure Wire Partitions

Problem and Solution

In the picture below, you see that our wire partition cage was utilized for this project.

Lynch Material Handling was able to add columns around the door openings so the customer could provide utilize a Federally approved door/access set up. They also added opaque plastic sheeting to provide a visual barrier from the outside at an economical cost while maintaining nice esthetics.

WireCrafters was also able to provide framed cut-outs in the ceiling to work around existing building columns and tamper-proof hardware to meet customers' needs.

Secure Wire Partitions
Secure Wire Partitions

Why Choose WireCrafters?

One unique thing about this job is WireCrafters' ability to customize parts of a cage to fit around existing barriers in the facility. If you need to put an application in an area where there are pipes or other obstructions, WireCrafters can create custom cutouts to work around those areas. This makes for easy and stress-free installation.

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