Honoring Manufacturing in Kentucky and Beyond

We have a deep respect for manufacturers not only on October 1st, which happens to be National Manufacturing Day, but every day. We feel the weighty importance of this industry, especially as a manufacturer headquartered in Kentucky.

Manufacturing in Kentucky

For decades, manufacturing has been the top contributor to Kentucky’s economy. It accounts for almost ⅕ of the state’s gross product.* By the latter part of the 1900’s, metals-related companies led the growth of Kentucky manufacturing. More than 150 Japanese factories were opened throughout that time, especially automobile and auto parts brands. For example, the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky began operations in 1986. Recognizing their 35th anniversary this year, they recounted several milestones: 10 million Camrys have been produced from that plant since it opened. “It gives us a great sense of pride to imagine where our 10 million Camrys have carried people over the years,” the president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Susan Elkington said. They also produced their 13 millionth vehicle overall this past Spring, which was a RAV4 hybrid. Bourbon manufacturing is also a big deal in Kentucky. That may be an understatement! Bourbon companies in Kentucky supply a majority of the world’s bourbon. This is not just a well-known fact for tourists. Many members of the WireCrafters team are bourbon connoisseurs and are proud of the role it plays in our state!

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WireCrafters Manufacturing History in Kentucky

Next year, we’ll celebrate 55 years of manufacturing our wire partition products in Louisville, Kentucky. Our products have been used by many Kentucky businesses and thousands of others throughout the United States since we opened our doors in 1967. We’ve remained family-owned all these years. Many of our customers are manufacturers because our solutions are effective for their day-to-day operations such as guarding machinery, separating work stations and aisleways, storing tools or inventory, and more. We utilize domestically produced raw materials for our products. Therefore, manufacturing is not just what we do, we’re equally dependent on manufacturers throughout our supply chain all the way to our point of sale. We’re interconnected. That’s why we’re taking the time today and throughout October to recognize manufacturing. We’re thankful for our workers, our suppliers, and our customers. We invite you to raise a glass of Kentucky bourbon with us. Take an extra look at who distilled the drink and manufactured the glass. Then, thank a manufacturing worker you know. Happy National Manufacturing Day!

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