Wire Partitions Used for Holding Cell Scenery

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When we say our products can be used for many different purposes including out-of-the-box solutions, we mean it! Our wire partitions have been incorporated into the set of a prime-time television show, this time as holding cell scenery.

Dealer Name: Delta Materials Handling, Inc.

Customer (End User): Bluff City Law

Product Purchased from WireCrafters: Wire Partitions as scenery

holding cells
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Problem and Solution

The production crew was filming the series Bluff City Law in Memphis, TN where they wanted to simulate holding cells for a jail scene. They only needed this background for one scene that would ultimately be seen for about 5 minutes by viewers of the show.

A local dealer for material handling products, Delta Materials Handling, Inc., sold them 3 holding cells made by WireCrafters. Although it was only used to portray a jail setting, our wire partitions can actually be used as secure holding cells and are in certain correctional facilities in the U.S.

The production crew was able to easily install our product to fulfill their holding cell scenery needs. You can see a short clip of the scene in the preview below!

Why Choose WireCrafters?

The dealer remarked about how easy it was to manage quoting between us and the production team. The interaction with our fulfillment team was also easy. Delta Materials Handling also believes in the quality of our product which makes it a great recommendation whether your highest priority is the long-lasting use of the product or just its great appearance like the production crew prioritized.

Because it's easy to install and uninstall, WireCrafters partitions were the perfect fit for its quick and timely use in the TV show.

If you've got a unique idea for how our product could be used in your facility, let us know here!

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