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The Drug Enforcement Administrations (DEA) mission is, in short, to "enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States." As stipulated by Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations 1301.72, storage areas for Schedule III through V controlled substances require a high level of security. Read below for more on this DEA Cage Case Study.

As such, our DEA Controlled Substance Drug Storage Cages meet the strict DEA requirements with self-closing and self-locking doors which come equipped with panels flush to the floor and heavy-duty hardware. We have years of experience in providing DEA approved enclosures for the drug and pharmaceutical industry and have never failed a DEA inspection to date! We consider it a humblebrag. This week's case study features one of our storage cages in a North Carolina facility. 

Dealer: Jay Mitchell, Carolina Material Handling

Project: DEA Cage Project Flash 

DEA Cage Installed In North Carolina Facility

Project Flash stores drugs that are used for the treatment of highly addictive illegal drugs and needed a tall wire partition cage with a ceiling for the storage of drugs. They needed a system with doors that are self-locking and self-closing and panels that are flush to the floor.

Since it’s a federal law for certain drugs to be stored in specific ways and since every facility is different, WireCrafters is a perfect fit for this project. We not only meet federal regulations, we exceed them. Our DEA cages are created with our style 840 wire partitions which are highly customizable.

In going beyond the standard, and federal regulations, we offer a wide array of options for the "basic" wire partition cage. We provide standard hinged and sliding doors as well as vertical rise doors, motorized sliding doors, and dutch and double-hinged doors. These doors can be equipped with a basic key lock, or for more security, we also offer keypad locks, card readers, fingerprint scanners, and even emergency exit push bars to name a few features to customize functionality and security.

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