DEA Approved Wire Partition Drug Storage Cages

When the leading international logistics company required a pharmaceutical storage cage for their warehouse and distribution center, A2i Systems (a material handling distributor located in Roswell, Georgia), contacted WireCrafters to design and provide a DEA Approved Storage Cage for the project.

DEA Approved Pharmaceutical Storage

DEA Approved Drug Storage Cage in Warehouse The secure wire partition enclosure was designed to meet the strict standards of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in storing class 3, 4 and 5 controlled substances. The logistics company's customers rely on them to provide a safe and secure facility that meets the DEA's regulations for their products prior to distributing to stores nationwide. Federal inspectors for the DEA must approve the wire partition cage, and for that reason, A2i Systems chose to work with WireCrafters, knowing that WireCrafters' Cages have never failed a DEA inspection to date.

Leading the Way for Custom Wire Partitions - Big or Small

WireCrafters' experience in configuring our product around the DEA's strict specifications along with the reputation in the industry led A2i Systems to choosing WireCrafters DEA Approved Storage Cages.

"We require a quality product, terrific support, timely delivery, and a depth of knowledge for this type of application."

DEA-Approved Drug Storage Wire Partition Cage to CeilingThe DEA cage for this application was designed to be flush to the floor of the facility and to reach the roof deck of the building; some 40 feet high. The wire partition panels had to be notched to fit around the ceiling joists - the DEA requires a maximum 1" gap - so the engineering had to be spot-on.

Our Style 840 Wire Partitions meet the DEA's requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls

The large sliding door for the enclosure was equipped with an electric motor with a timer in order to provide automatic closing and locking of the lock to meet federal standards. Once the drug storage cage was installed, the installer had to braze, or pin, the hardware so that no nut can be removed from any bolt; whereas most installers typically tack weld the nut to the bolt to achieve this solution.

Security to the Max

WireCrafters' standard cage design fits well within the DEA regulations because all hardware is by default located on the inside of the cage for maximum security.

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