All Moved In! The Details of Our New Addition

Late last February we announced that we were expanding our facilities by 26,000 square feet and adding 100 full-time jobs. A few weeks ago, we had an opening ceremony for our new expansion. Here’s a shot of our ribbon cutting on Instagram. We couldn’t be more excited to take you behind the scenes.

Now that it’s become a reality, we’re already reaping the rewards and our customers are too! With more space, it’s given us the opportunity to bring on more full-time employees which allows us to get our products to our customers faster. Below are a few pictures and more details about the expansion.

Fun Facts About WireCrafters’ Expansion

We know we said we added 26,000 square feet in the beginning, but if we were to be exact, we’ve grown by 26,325 sq. ft. Below are additional fun facts about our new space.

  • 82 tons of steel was used.
  • 2,300 tons of fill dirt and rock was used for the foundation.
  • 700 yards of concrete were poured.
  • 34 Holes (30 in x 16 ft) were Drilled for I-Beams/Caissons.
  • LED Lighting with Motion Sensors were installed for Energy Conservation.
  • 8 Exhaust Fans and 3 Make-up Air Units with Windows for Natural Light were installed.

As you can see, a lot of material went into the project. We’re proud of the energy efficiency in this space. It is truly a nice facility– if we do say so ourselves.

Construction started on May 8, 2018, so the hard work went on for just under a year. But 68 inches of rain caused 103 days of rain delay.

Some of our welders officially started working in this new facility on April 22nd and it already feels like home. We love seeing the productivity taking place in this space. Increasing our weld capacity was a huge priority for this expansion. Before it, we were operating on a 24-day turnaround. Now with the additional space and manpower, we’re working on cutting that number down to a 10-day turnaround.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch a time lapse of the year-long construction process below and keep an eye open for Monday’s With Milt as we show off even more of the new space.

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