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Industrial Handrails

WireCrafters Industrial Handrail Safety Yellow

Industrial Handrail Provides Safety & Security

WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRail installs to add safety and security almost anywhere on your facility's floor. This square steel railing system sets up with standard hand tools; no welding, no cutting, no self tapping screws.

WireCrafters Industrial HandRail is commonly found in shipping areas to keep employees safe around dock height doors. Aisle ways can be formed with this heavy industrial steel handrail to separate fork trucks from employees walking through an active area of a production or warehouse floor.

For those railing systems used at a second level or on a mezzanine, a 4" high kick plate can be added to the hand rail system to keep small items from falling off the enclosed area. Hinged HandRail doors can also be added to control access to secure areas. When used on a mezzanine, these access doors enable you to load product at mezzanine levels from the ground floor. Single doors 3'-0" wide or double hinged doors up to 8'-0" wide are available.

System 22 Industrial Handrail's Easy Installation

WireCrafters two rail industrial handrail system has a mid rail centered at 20" and a top rail at 42" high. All parts, both rails and upright posts are drilled and ready to accept 3/8" bolts and floor anchors. The handrail system is designed on 8'-0" centers. Standard rail sections are 7'-6", 3'-6", and 1'-6" long. Rail connectors are welded to the handrail uprights so you can easily bolt the rail in place. These rail sections combine with 2" square tubing uprights which can be used for run posts, corner posts, or end posts. With standard hand tools, your maintenance people can easily assemble WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRail. Standard hand rail assembly drawings are provided to show you how the rails, posts, and kick plates bolt together. To create a stand alone handrail unit, order two rails and two posts.

The Finished Look

WireCrafters System 22 Industrial HandRail has a safety yellow powder coat finish. This durable paint finish, although intended for indoor use, will hold up outdoors in most weather conditions.

  • Bolt up rail system.
  • Top rail set at 42" from floor level.
  • Mid rail centered at 20" from floor.
  • Rails and posts made of 14 gauge steel tube.
  • Combined rail and post layout on 8', 4', and 2' centers.
  • Standard rails can be field cut for custom lengths.
  • Optional 4" kick plate available.
  • Rails bolt to posts with factory threaded inserts.
  • Posts welded to baseplate for floor anchoring.
  • Can be mounted to floor, or to face side of mezzanine.

Bolt up handrail system, features two rails and optional kickplate.

  • System is designed on 8'-0" centers.
  • Standard two rail style.
  • Standard rail sections are 7'-6", 3'-6", and 1'-6" long.
  • Optional 4" high kick plate maybe added.
  • Rail sections combine with 6" run post connectors or 4" corner/end posts to lay out on 8', 4', or 2' centers.
  • To create a complete unit order two rails and two posts.
HandRail Rails & Posts
Part Number Description Length
HR 2 2" x 2" Rail Section 1'-6"
HR 4 2" x 2" Rail Section 3'-6"
HR 8 2" x 2" Rail Section 7'-6"
HRRP Run Post 42"
HRCP Corner Post 42"
HREP End Post 42"
HRKP2 Kickplate 2'-2"
HRKP4 Kickplate 4'-2"
HRKP8 Kickplate 8'-2"
  • Posts & Rails

    Constructed of 2" square 14 gauge steel tubing. Two formed 14 gauge steel inserts with 1/8" threaded flat bar shall be provided to connect each rail section to post. Baseplate of 4" x 4" or 2" x 5" x 3/8" thick with two to four 7/16" holes for floor anchoring. All parts shall be factory drilled to accept 3/8" mounting hardware.

  • Kickplates

    Shall be 4" in height, constructed of 16 gauge sheet steel, formed at ninety degrees along the top edge and punched with slotted holes on each end for mounting to upright posts. Ends of adjacent kickplates overlap where mounted to post.

  • Finish

    Posts, rails, and kickplates are powder coat yellow. View other available Color Options
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Finishes & Colors

Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel.

Stock Colors

WireCrafters maintains stock of the optional colors shown. All colors are available in traditional liquid enamel or an optional powder coat finish. Touch up paint is provided with all orders (other than custom powder coat colors).

Custom Colors

Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge. (RAL standard color number may be submitted in lieu of paint chip.) Touch up paint is provided with all orders. Custom match colors may extend delivery time. Please contact WireCrafters customer service for additional information.

Optional Finishes
  • Powder Coat
  • Galvanized
  • Plain Steel
  • Brushed (Stainless Steel)
  • Electro Polished (Stainless Steel)

WireCrafters Product Finishes and Color Samples

*Note: The colors displayed on this website show the variety of optional colors kept in stock. Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color. Please request a printed WireCrafters Color Chart before making a color selection.

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