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Tool Storage Cribs Organize & Secure Company Equipment

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Where is the Maintenance Equipment?

Tool Storage Crib for Shop Maintenance CageThis is a question no one wants to hear in their facility. When a key piece of machinery goes down, the employee operating that machine stops working as well. This problem can become exponentially worse depending on how many other processes depend on the output from this single piece of equipment.

It is extremely important that machine operators and maintenance staff have the right tools available immediately to fix whatever problems may arise. If the tool needed cannot be located quickly, production can come to a standstill, causing your costs to rise and profits to sink.

Tool Cribs & Wire Partition Storage Cages Provide Organization

WireCrafters Tool Cribs and Wire Partition Storage Cages can provide your manufacturing area, warehouse, or distribution center a modular wire partition system to keep tools organized and accounted for. The maintenance cages can even be designed to fit into tight spaces within your facility; even around existing equipment.

Wire partition Tool Cribs can be configured using standard Style 840 wire partition panels from 1′ to 10′ wide (available in one foot increments). Standard heights are 8′, 10′, and 12′ high. A typical Tool Crib is 10′ x 10′, but with our modular partition system we regularly combine our standard panels to build tool cribs and maintenance storage cages of most any size.

Tool Storage Crib with Service Window for Issuing Equipment or PartsWireCrafters stocks hinged and sliding door options for access to the cage. For walk-up traffic to a central tool crib that checks out tools and equipment to employees, we recommend a 3′ x 7′ hinge door equipped with a 24″ x 21″ slide up service window with a shelf. This configuration makes issuing tools and other equipment from the secure side of the cage convenient, while restricting access to unauthorized personnel. For tool storage areas that require fork truck entry to deliver large goods, we offer sliding doors up to 10′ wide, and also offer sliding doors with no overhead obstruction if needed.

Keep Honest Employees Honest with Increased Accountability

Most employees do not come to work with an intention of stealing tools from the company, but keeping maintenance tools and equipment in a secure tool storage cage will remove any temptation from their minds. Having a process whereby employees “check out” tools from a maintenance cage when in use increases accountability in the workplace and provides supervisors a way to constantly know where company equipment and tools are throughout the facility at any given time.

WireCrafters Secure Access Tool Crib Storage EnclosureReplacing lost or stolen equipment can add up to be an expensive drag on a company’s bottom line. A secure and organized maintenance tool cage outfitted with shelving units or pallet rack will keep your tools and equipment organized and accounted for, and in the end will also save costly downtime.

Prevent Lost Equipment & Downtime with WireCrafters Tool Cribs

WireCrafters is the leading manufacture of woven and welded wire partitions in the United States. Because we have stock panels, windows, and doors, we can usually ship your custom designed tool crib within 48 hours. Prevent the expense of lost or misplaced equipment, eliminate employee theft, and decrease costly downtime by contacting WireCrafters today for a Tool Crib or Wire Partition Storage Cage. We even offer free design and layout assistance!

To learn more about our Tool Cribs or get a quote, please click the image below.

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