OSHA announces New Deadline for Injury Reporting

OSHA announced a two-week delay for employers to submit their 2016 injury and illness data. The new deadline is December 15, 2017. Below you will find a list of common questions. To get more detail on each question follow this link.

The article covers who needs to submit, what you need to submit now and in the future, and other questions about OSHA’s decision.

If you have a company of 20 or more, this information may pertain to you.

  • Who needs to submit?
  • What do I need to submit in December?
  • Where and how do I submit?
  • Do I need to keep any new records?
  • What counts as an establishment?
  • What records will I have to submit in the future?
  • What are the future deadlines in 2018 and beyond?
  • Is OSHA still rethinking any part of the rule?
  • What are employer concerns with the rule?

If you have any other questions, visit OSHA’s site for more up-to-date information.

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