At WireCrafters, we take each holiday with stride. So, this winter season, we're opening up the wire cages for you to get an inside look into what we do around the year for different holidays.

The Winter Season15590473_10154857748528417_5652343264261355679_n-1

During the winter season, every company has their own fun and quirky way to celebrate the holidays. So, how does WireCrafters embrace the seasonal spirit?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day - Yes, we have an office contest of who has the ugliest sweater. It's fun and festive - this is a photo from this year's party.15400468_10154858328208417_5716840712430426856_n

Office Decorations - It's fun to decorate the office, some people go all out and it's fun to see the variety of decorations around the place.

Personal Holiday Cards from the President sent to every employees home - This personal touch always means a lot to us, the employees. It's always nice to have a personal thank you and well wishes.

Potluck Lunch - We all bring in some tasty treats. From slow cooker meals to home-baked cookies, it's a delicious way to kick off the holidays.

The Rest of The Year

Not quite as many companies celebrate spring, summer, and fall holidays, so we're proud and joyous of this at WireCrafters. So, what do we do?

Thanksgiving Baskets15078814_10154776700148417_7010754370255747346_nThanksgiving is a time for being thankful and WireCrafters certainly shows its appreciation to its employees! Every year, they give us Thanksgiving baskets with a full Thanksgiving meal, enough for a family of 4, with things like a turkey, stuffing, and rolls. Yum!

Easter Hams - It's traditional for Easter to have a ham on the table, well WireCrafters provides those hams every Easter. It's a thoughtful reminder that WireCrafters cares.

Office Decorations - We decorate for the different holidays and we really get into it. Who doesn't love some holiday decorations to get into the spirit, like Thanksgiving or Halloween?

Company Cookoutimg_1153A company-wide cookout to celebrate our anniversary, to celebrate how far we've come, and they say a big thank you to the employees - it's a big and fun celebration that's full of good food and laughter.

Birthday Cards - At WireCrafters, we care about the people, so much so we even send you a birthday card on your birthday. It's that special, personal touch.

We've had people working here for over 30 years. Why? Our culture! We care about the people, from every employee to the vendors and beyond. We celebrate the good times and we look forward to another fun year!

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