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Welcome to episode #4 for Monday’s With Milt. As you can see I’m in an active aisle way here & we’ve got RackBack panels on the back of this pallet rack.

What would be the cost of an accident if you had people walking up & down this active aisle & someone from the maintenance area pushes over material & hits someone walking through? You don’t want that insurance cost on you.

It’s very economical to put the RackBack panels fixed right up to the pallet rack. We have different offset brackets so that you can put them from flush mount out to 12 inches. So the next time you see an active aisle way, put the RackBack panels on & protect the personnel. That’s all we’ve got today for Monday’s With Milt, Thank You.

Durable all-welded angle frame wire mesh panels give constant protection from falling items. RackBack® pallet rack backing panels prevent spillage, while also stopping items from falling into aisle ways, therefore protecting personnel while containing inventory. WireCrafters rack protection is competitively priced with less effective pallet rack netting style backing and is easy to install. Check out our RackBack panels here and learn more about how they can increase your warehouse safety.

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