Project: Exxon Mobil File Room - Anchorage, AK
Dealer: Southwest Solutions Group - www.southwestsolutions.com

Application of Material
WireCrafters Style 840 2" x 1" woven wire mesh panels were used in an existing file room at Exxon Mobil to create three separately secured spaces. This allowed them to designate spaces to individual departments. The electric door strikes can be programmed in a way that allows only those authorized to access certain files. This creates an additional layer of security and versatility to a room that otherwise only one department would be able to use and allows the whole room to be fully utilized. Southwest Solutions Group installed the product and were given support and information from Wirecrafters throughout the installation process.

Why Choose WireCrafters?
Southwest Solutions Group selected WireCrafters, first and foremost, because they were impresses by the quality of their product. They appreciated the detailed information and directions to achieve a smooth installation. They also appreciated the quick response time from WireCrafters during the planning and RFP phase of the project. It was necessary to provide several revisions of its design and scope. In addition, special shipping arrangements were made to protect the product during the long ocean voyage. WireCrafters was flexible and effective throughout the entire process and with every request. They have wonderful prices and are always willing to respond to technical questions.

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