2 Great Ways for Bike Storage in an Apartment

When there is nowhere for bike storage in your apartment, you have a couple of options. You can store it inside your actual apartment or you can tie it up outside and hope no one steals it. Neither of these is a great option. We offer two solutions to these problems. 

The Bike Stacker Storage Option

If bikes in your apartment tend to just be thrown around in the basement where there’s room, then this is your solution. Without taking up more space, these stackers can be installed quickly and affordably. Plus, bikes can be securely fastened to the rack. When you need to get to a bike, just unlock it, and pull it off the rack. No more stepping over other bikes to get yours.

WireCrafters Bike Stacker

The Wall Rider® for Bike Storage

If there is no room on the ground, you may want to look into the Wall Rider®. Keep bikes off the ground and out of the way. When you need to get to a bike, just unlock it and pull it off the wall. These are also easy to install. Milt covered this bike storage option in a past episode of Mondays With Milt that you can watch below. 

There you have it. Two solutions to bike storage problems in your apartment. If your building does not offer storage solutions, have them contact us today! Don’t risk your bike being stolen because there is no storage.

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