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WireCrafters 2017 Year In Review

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Last year was a great one. We’re excited about many things to come this year, but we couldn’t say goodbye to such a full year without some reflection and celebration.

We thought a lot about our core values last year and 3 words rose to the top of our minds. At WireCrafters, we ARE many things and DO many things. Anyone can look through our case studies and product line to see the many ways people use us for different industries. We’re always looking for new and creative opportunities for our products to meet your needs. But no matter what– at the heart of our company– our core values remain. They can be summed up in these 3 words:


We love our team. We enjoy working together, eating together, and often feel like more than co-workers. Having fun with our employees makes ”work” even better. Our business could not go on without the business owners and dealers to whom we supply our products. We are truly thankful for all of these people who make WireCrafters what it is.


From day one, we’ve been a family-owned business with family values. Also from day one, we’ve remained committed to providing the best quality product to our customers. Just about anyone can make this claim. But we’re very serious about it. As we innovate new uses for our products, we don’t want to waver from our tested partition system. Through it, we’ve become the leading producer of wire partitions in the nation. Not only are we proud to provide durable wire products that protect people and equipment, we also provide intuitive and customizable options that we hope enhances the quality of your experience when you put the product to use.


Year to year, we want customers to be able to depend on us. This value especially impacts our delivery. We do all we can to deliver on time. We also make the delivery and installation process easy on you as a customer. People find our thorough labeling system and color coding very helpful. We keep our organization and branding consistent, too.

We’ve had our mission statement a long time and it conveys these 3 values well. Some of our favorite moments from 2017 were a testament to those values, too. So, let’s reminisce together and you’ll see why these moments are important to us.

Mission Statement

WireCrafters provides our customers with creative solutions for their safety, security, and storage needs, while meeting commitments with exceptional quality by people who care.

Favorite Moments from 2017

Our Christmas festivities last December included lots of hilarity among our team. Last spring, we had a huge celebration for our employees to commemorate our 50th anniversary. This special milestone definitely made 2017 one of the most memorable years for us.

We worked hard to exceed expectations in quality throughout 2017. We provided wire partitions for thousands of customers and businesses all over the country this year. We regularly worked to improve the efficiency of our workplace. For our third year in a row, we received the MHEDA Most Valuable Supplier award for business excellence. The criteria for the award touches on all 3 values. To qualify, a business must show a commitment to not just their product but to the support of their employees, their dealers, and their own community. We could not be more grateful to be known for this.

Last year we invested in our dealers during our dealer panel and dealer conference. They came to Louisville from different cities and we spent time in training and getting to know each other. We want our dealers to receive the support they need from us to succeed.

To sustain a successful business for 50 years, there’s got to be consistency. We have a longstanding reputation we’ve built and plan to keep. People know what to expect when they choose our product and have it delivered. We made a #MondaysWithMilt video last year where you can see exactly what a WireCrafters shipment looks like every time.

Speaking of Mondays with Milt, the weekly update everyone looks forward to, began in May 2017 and it’s quickly becoming a beloved tradition. If Mondays with Milt doesn’t express ALL 3 of our core values, we don’t know what will. Because we love connecting with you– and hopefully making you laugh – we carefully craft each #MondaysWithMilt video. We’ll admit our sales and marketing people enjoy doing it, too. Through these videos, we’re excited to showcase the products and services we’re proud of as well as our culture. We also hope to use this avenue to inform you and answer your questions. Each Monday, you can depend on us to offer this content and hopefully brighten your day.

All these memories we’ve mentioned were captured in this highlight reel we made. We hope you enjoy it. We are excited to make more memories this year!

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