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We are WireCrafters

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We are WireCrafters. A family owned and operated, American manufacturer – committed to creating custom-made solutions for a complicated world.

From humble beginnings, starting with a single product, we began developing a customizable wire partition system – a system we continue to refine and perfect as the needs of our end users grow and evolve. When it comes to protecting important products and personnel, specifics matter. And with dozens of our employees each having over 20 years of experience and service at our company, it’s no longer just a job, it’s family.

Our passion and dedication for exceptional quality is woven into every panel that leaves our 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility each day. Our attention to detail isn’t just the rule – it’s a reflex. With specialty doors and locks, beveled cutouts and panels, and our state-of-the-art powder coating facility, we’ve created hundreds of customized solutions for countless applications that can be found in Fortune 500 companies, major data centers, and military bases across the world.

We’re proud to put our name on the highest-quality products in the industry, forged and fine-tuned through decades of innovation and sweat equity. That kind of commitment to superior standards might be why we’re recognized by both Material Handling Distributors & Manufacturers as a leader in the field for cutting-edge technology and customer service. Because whether you’re protecting crucial equipment, the well-being of workers, or a sea of sensitive data, the peace of mind that our products provide is paramount.

We are WireCrafters. Crafting Safety, Security & Separation with exceptional quality, by people who care.

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Questions? Contact us at info@wirecrafters.com or toll free at 800-924-9473.

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