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Visit WireCrafters at ProMat 2013 in Chicago – Booth #949

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ProMat 2013 Trade Show at McCormick Center in Chicago

Visit WireCrafters in Booth #949

Wire Partitions, Custom Locks, Special Mesh, & New Tech!

WireCrafters will be exhibiting our wire partition products at the ProMat Material Handling Show. The focus of the displays in our booth this year will be custom locking devices, special meshes available for different applications, as well as our new website, Mobile App, and iPhone App that we recently launched. Keep reading for a rundown of our ProMat 2013 lineup, and be sure to register to attend ProMat 2013 in Chicago!

High Security Special Locking Devices

We know that wire partitions are used for more than just the basic tool crib or  maintenance cage. Many applications require higher security; not just the standard key lock. We will be displaying several new custom locks for both hinged and slide doors to fit all special applications.

New Lock Options For Wire Partition Slide Doors

Our wire partition slide door will be equipped with an eForce Keyless Entry Lock. The eForce is a “Push Button Battery Powered” locking device. In the past, these locks were only available for hinged doors. Custom locks for slide doors would usually require a mag lock and you would have to run electricity to the lock for operation. With the eForce lock, you save the cost of the mag lock and do not need an electrician for installation. WireCrafters will install the eForce lock at our factory, then you may simply mount the door to the two door posts.

What’s New With Hinged Door Locks for Secure Cages

We will be displaying three hinged doors, all with different locking devices. One door will have a “Five Coded Button Access Lock,” which is manually operated on the outside of the door with a full-width push bar on the inside of the door. Another door will have a battery-powered Proximity Reader where the user simply waves an access card in front of the lock sensor to gain entry. The third door will have an electric Bio Reader where the user is granted access by scanning their fingerprint in order to open the door. You can register the finger prints of multiple users to have access to the caged area.

Different Mesh Sizes For Different Applications

At ProMat, we will have on display all of the mesh options currently offered on WireCrafters products:

  • WireCrafters Standard Style 840 2″ x 1″ rectangular mesh ten gauge wire mesh.
  • 1/2″ square twelve gauge wire mesh.
  • 3/4″ square ten gauge wire mesh.
  • 1 1/2″ square eight gauge wire mesh.
  • 2″ square six gauge wire mesh.
  • 2″ square ten gauge welded wire mesh.

Let Our Website and Mobile Apps Work For You!

Using the new WireCrafters website, Dealers can check their open and recent orders and link directly to the truck line for up to date tracking information. Visit our Resources page, and you will find valuable information and downloads; from Installation Manuals, Product Brochures, LEEDS Information to meet special regulations, and soon you will even be able to download CAD drawings for the ability to quickly drop in WireCrafers products into your engineer’s drawings!

Visit WireCrafters at ProMat 2013 – Two Locations

Please stop by our main booth ( # 949 )and meet the WireCrafters Sales Staff and let us show you our new products! Also, don’t forget to see us at Booth #529 at the AutoMate Show in the adjacent hall with our Machine Guarding display.

Visit WireCrafters in Booth #949

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