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7 Places You Can Find Wire Security Cages

7 Places You Can Find Wire Security Cages

It goes without saying that the safe and secure storage of valuable property is crucial for most companies. Protecting critical supplies and materials from loss, damage, or pilferage requires both a culture of awareness and the right kind of security equipment.

Wire mesh security cages and partitions, used in a variety of applications to protect inventory, reduce shrinkage, and increase safety, are an ideal solution for creating secure space. Wire cages are a cost-effective and more secure alternative to conventional chain link fencing, but are more versatile as well. They can easily be removed, relocated, …

WireCrafters Secures Data Center Servers & Company Data [Case Study]

WireCrafters Secures Data Center Servers & Company Data [Case Study]

Windstream is the leading provider of advanced network communications, including cloud computing and managed services, to businesses nationwide. The company also offers broadband, phone and digital TV services to consumers primarily in rural areas.

When Windstream began receiving their customers’ servers and computer equipment into their data center, they needed to create a contained, secure area because of the sensitive information stored on the server equipment.

Project: Windstream Data Center

Distributor: Southwest Solutions Group – Addison, TX

Strong, Durable, and Impressive Hosting Colocation Cages

Windstream Data Centers divide their hosting facilities with WireCrafters secure wire partition …

Proximity Badge Door Lock Secures Storage Cage Without Electricity

Proximity Badge Door Lock Secures Storage Cage Without Electricity

Keyless Door Locks for Secure Wire Partition Cages

WireCrafters now provides the option of custom keyless entry door locks for our secure wire partitions and storage cages. In listening to our customers’ suggestions, we have discovered that more and more people would like to get away from carrying keys to grant access to secured areas.

WireCrafters has offered key pads and card readers as custom lock options for our secure wire partition enclosures for years, but in the past, they have all required electricity. Although we still sell many of these high-security, electric-powered door locks, we …

How to Protect Servers, Network Equipment, & Client Data [Case Study]

How to Protect Servers, Network Equipment, & Client Data [Case Study]

Project: Tried and True Communications – St. Louis, MO

Dealer: Industrial Shelving Systems – St. Louis, MO

Protecting Customer Data & Equipment

Tried and True Communications provides network cabling and telecommunications infrastructure, including fiber optics cabling, splicing, termination, restoration and emergency network response to companies large and small throughout St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. With this level of high-tech service comes the requirement for security at its highest level – whether they are protecting their own equipment, or their customers’ data.

The expensive servers, along with the customer data stored on them, must be locked down and …

Storing DEA Controlled Substances Safely & Efficiently

Storing DEA Controlled Substances Safely & Efficiently

Good design of vaults and cages for DEA-regulated materials calls for meeting regulatory requirements while accommodating operational practices.

Controlled substances” are those that are regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). While most attention is paid to illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine, the DEA is also intimately involved with regulating the distribution of legitimate, medically necessary drugs produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, the DEA has established a system of monitoring the prescribing and dispensing of these drugs; their manufacture; the raw materials for their production; and how the finished products …

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