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Six Oaks Apartment Complex Adds Storage Lockers In Parking Garage

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Project: Storage Lockers at Six Oaks Apartment Complex

DealerEngineered Products in Seattle, Washington

You know we create custom wire partitions, but are you familiar with our other products? Our focus is always on creating solutions to enhance safety and efficiency, but we also provide products for practical reasons like storage. Our bicycle storage units and storage lockers are top quality and provide additional space and added efficiency where you need it most. Our storage lockers can be found in all industries from a wine storage facility to a naval weapons station.

Apartment Complex Adds Storage Lockers In Parking Garage

Six Oaks is located in Bothell, Washington, which is a bustling small city with big town vibes. It’s about 30 minutes outside of Seattle and provides its residents with a quiet place to escape and relax. The apartment complex truly is like its own city with their own Italian Bistro, barista, and bank on site.

With its recent growth, they wanted to add tenant storage in the parking garage area but still maintain privacy, so they wanted a secure option with our solid sheet metal product. Six Oaks chose WireCrafters because our solid sheet metal fit their custom needs perfectly.

Our dealer, Engineered Products also sells pallet rack, shelving, mezzanines, conveyors & much more along with design and installation. See the final product below.

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