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Monday’s With Milt – WireCrafters Laser Cutting Capabilities

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Monday’s With Milt – Episode #6 – WireCrafters Laser Cutting Capabilities

Good Morning, and welcome to the 6th episode of Monday’s With Milt. Today I’m standing in front of our Mazak Optiplex, a 4000 Watt Laser. Now WireCrafters has really accepted the technology that we can use today, so with this laser we can take sheets of sheet metal up to 1/2″ thick & we can make our own baseplates for our upright posts, we can make the brackets we use for RackBack, we can make the door receiver & all the different door hardware for the hinge door & slide doors that we manufacture. So as you look in here at the moment, we are lasering some bike storage components for the bike storage parts we make that go along with our Storage Lockers. Now, as much as I would like to just start turning keys & hitting buttons…I probably should just leave this alone. So I’ll see you next Monday on Monday’s With Milt.

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