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Monday’s With Milt – Woven Wire Mesh Alternatives

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Welcome to another episode of Monday’s With Milt, today we are in the Loom department, this is where we make the mesh that makes all the wire partitions. What I’m holding here in front of you is our standard 10 gauge wire, it’s a 2”x2” mesh & we use this on all of our common applications (tool cribs, maintenance cages, that type of thing). We have some alternatives we can offer, right here we have a 12 gauge wire a little bit lighter, but it’s a ½” square mesh. We have used this many times for the Federal Reserve, it’s such a small mesh not even a dime can pass through it. So that’s the reason they have specified it. In addition to the ½” square, we can do a much heavier 6 gauge wire in a 2” square mesh. This is also under a government specification, you’ll see it in import/export areas where they need heavy duty security. And the last one I’m going to show you is our ¾” square mesh, it’s a 10 gauge wire. You know we started doing this one for one of these airline industries where they have the small liquor bottles & they didn’t want the small liquor bottles to get passed through. So this kind of keeps the honest man honest, keeps the man working all day long. So that’s all we’ve got today for Monday’s With Milt, we look forward to seeing you next Monday, thank You!

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