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Takeaways from MODEX 2018

Takeaways from MODEX 2018

WireCrafters made the trip to the MODEX Show in Atlanta, Georgia from April 9-12. If you had the opportunity to stop by the booth, you would have seen a few things. The first thing that caught many visitors’ eyes was our back wall of the booth. The second thing, or we should say person, they came to see was our very own Milt Tandy, “star” of Mondays With Milt.

RackBack®: How to Avoid Lost Time & Money if Something Falls

RackBack®: How to Avoid Lost Time & Money if Something Falls

RackBack® pallet rack backing panels (say that five times fast) are wire mesh panels that easily bolt directly into the back of existing pallet rack uprights in your warehouse. They are dual-functioning as they protect your workers and your inventory. If you missed it, watch Milt explain what they are here. The panels are industrial strength, long lasting, quick and easy to install, and are competitively priced. If you need any more convincing, read on to learn how they can improve safety in your facility, save money, and maintain productivity.

Maintaining Productivity with RackBack®

Imagine this scenario …

Monday’s With Milt – RackBack Safety Panels

Monday’s With Milt – RackBack Safety Panels

Monday’s With Milt – Episode #4 discusses the importance of RackBack safety panels in your facility.

Case Study – RackBack® Safety Panels for LaCantina Doors

Case Study – RackBack® Safety Panels for LaCantina Doors

Project: LaCantina Doors RackBack® – Oceanside, CA.

Dealer: Engineered Products-

About the Project

LaCantina Doors designs and manufactures award-winning doors in Oceanside, CA. LaCantina doors was in need of RackBack® safety panels to prevent objects from falling into a secure work area. Falling objects pose a great risk at any manufacturing plant, and WireCrafters RackBack® panels make sure that does not happen. RackBack® panels contain inventory, prevent spillage and protect a company’s most important assets: the product and, of course, the people.

Application of Materials

The RackBack® panels for LaCantina Doors was installed by …

American Express Prefers WireCrafters Cages

American Express Prefers WireCrafters Cages

Project: American Express – Phoenix, AZ
Dealer: KACO Shelving –

Local Dealer Provides Hands On Service
American Express (AMEX) has preferred WireCrafters wire partitions for security and storage cages for many years. Kaco Shelving, one of WireCrafters Phoenix Area distributors, has been stationed on site at the regional AMEX facility providing service to the customer’s needs of reconfiguring their facility to support changing inventory needs.

Wire Partition Secures Shelving Unit
AMEXs’ latest project required inventory to be stored and secured on and within heavy duty shelving units. Kaco provided both the shelving …

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