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3 Key Ways Driver Cages Make the Warehouse Safer

3 Key Ways Driver Cages Make the Warehouse Safer

In any warehouse or distributing environment, it’s critical to prevent injuries and accidents, protect equipment, and make sure valuable inventory is secure. When it comes to the shipping and receiving area, security too often goes overlooked. Most busy operations don’t have the time to monitor visitors, delivery drivers, service providers, and others who enter the warehouse—much less total strangers who can enter through open doors in a bustling shipping or receiving operation.

Neglecting to limit access to the facility invites visitors of all types to wander around warehouse aisles, where they have access to inventory, …

Secure Parts Storage Under Mezzanine

Secure Parts Storage Under Mezzanine

A local distributor, RMH Systems, was given the task of creating a secure area for parts and inventory storage, however this wasn’t a typical installation. The project was a little more challenging, requiring that the secure storage area be placed inside, around, and under a mezzanine.

Stock-sized wire mesh partition panels, along with sheet metal adjustable panels, were engineered to work together in order to fit complex, custom dimensions using standard parts.

WireCrafters recommended our standard 8′-5 1/4″ high partitions that would, by default, fit under the mezzanine’s main structure. The layout of the area required the …

Data Center Physical Security with WireCrafters Server Cages

Data Center Physical Security with WireCrafters Server Cages

The Growing Trend in Data Center Physical Security

Anixter, a global distributor of communication and security products that works with the largest data centers and hosting facilities in the world, was recently providing their products to a data center when the customer requested they also provide the physical security cages as part of the entire package. Anixter specializes in data center solutions, electrical products, and electronic wire and cable so they turned to Container Systems to help incorporate the physical security solution.

Modular Server Cages – Reconfigure As Needs Change

WireCrafters standard Style 840 Wire Partitions were utilized in a …

Secure Military Storage Locker Installation at Dallas Naval Air Station

Secure Military Storage Locker Installation at Dallas Naval Air Station

Utilizing Space with Wire Mesh Storage Lockers

WireCrafters teamed up with Storage Equipment Company of Dallas, Texas to help solve a storage problem at Fort Worth Naval Air Station (NAS). The NAS, like most military installations, has a lot of gear that must be stored, including everything required for the sailors in time of deployment. With a limited area in a helicopter hangar, Storage Equipment worked with NAS to design ground floor and second level storage lockers using wire partitions and a mezzanine system. As seen in the photos, WireCrafters enclosed the mezzanine to create …

DEA Approved Wire Partition Drug Storage Cages

DEA Approved Wire Partition Drug Storage Cages

When the leading international logistics company required a pharmaceutical storage cage for their warehouse and distribution center, A2i Systems (a material handling distributor located in Roswell, Georgia), contacted WireCrafters to design and provide a DEA Approved Storage Cage for the project.

DEA Approved Pharmaceutical Storage

The secure wire partition enclosure was designed to meet the strict standards of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in storing class 3, 4 and 5 controlled substances. The logistics company’s customers rely on them to provide a safe and secure facility that meets the DEA’s regulations for their products …

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