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Case Study – RackBack® Safety Panels for LaCantina Doors

Case Study – RackBack® Safety Panels for LaCantina Doors

Project: LaCantina Doors RackBack® – Oceanside, CA.

Dealer: Engineered Products-

About the Project

LaCantina Doors designs and manufactures award-winning doors in Oceanside, CA. LaCantina doors was in need of RackBack® safety panels to prevent objects from falling into a secure work area. Falling objects pose a great risk at any manufacturing plant, and WireCrafters RackBack® panels make sure that does not happen. RackBack® panels contain inventory, prevent spillage and protect a company’s most important assets: the product and, of course, the people.

Application of Materials

The RackBack® panels for LaCantina Doors was installed by …

The 80/20 Plan

The 80/20 Plan

Recently, Steve Diebold, WireCrafter’s President, spoke at The Family Business Center at the University of Louisville. He and a few other WireCrafters team members were honored to be on a panel about business improvement. Specifically, he spoke about how years ago some of the team learned about the 80/20 plan, which they brought back to WireCrafters. In the presentation, Steve gave a testimonial on how the 80/20 plan transformed WireCrafters for the better.

What is The 80/20 Plan?

The idea is that approximately 80% of a company’s value (measured by revenue) is derived from only 20% …

ProMat 2017 was a HUGE success for WireCrafters!

ProMat 2017 was a HUGE success for WireCrafters!

At the beginning of April, we, like thousands of others, attended the 2017 ProMat Show. We got to speak with attendees from all over the U.S., with a nice variety of dealers and users. This allowed for a mixture of education, sales, and networking – the perfect combination!

This was the largest ProMat Show, by the number of booths and attendees, ever! We were excited to be part of this event and even more so since we were celebrating our 50th Anniversary there!

Our ProMat 50th Anniversary Celebration

We wowed the crowds with a …

WireCrafters Celebrates 50th Anniversary at ProMat 2017 in Chicago

WireCrafters Celebrates 50th Anniversary at ProMat 2017 in Chicago

This April we are excited to be participating in ProMat 2017, held April 3-6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place as we celebrate our 50 Year Anniversary! Follow the overhead sign to booth S1852 and join us in a look back at the 50 years that defined WireCrafters.

ProMat 2017 Chicago is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America. With more than 850 exhibitors from industry, commerce, and government, displaying their supply chain solutions and innovations, this will be an excellent opportunity for education and networking.

The WireCrafters 50th Anniversary Booth

We …

Case Study – Northgate Apartments

Case Study – Northgate Apartments

Project: Northgate Apartments – Silver Spring, MD

Dealer: Storage and Distribution Systems –

Secure Storage Needed

Northgate Apartments provided storage areas as a way for tenants to store their valuables. Their storage areas were previously made of chicken wire, so Northgate Apartments wanted to remove the chicken wire and replace them with customized tenant lockers. Storage and Distribution Systems handled the removal and used WireCrafters products to install new custom lockers. These tenant lockers are much more secure & give the area a much more professional look than the previous storage made with chicken …

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