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Keeping up with Monday’s with Milt

Keeping up with Monday’s with Milt

We start Monday’s right- with “Monday’s with Milt.” What is #MondaysWithMilt? It is our YouTube series featuring Milt Tandy, VP of Sales & Marketing at WireCrafters. Every week, Milt leads viewers on an educational and entertaining journey through the life of WireCrafters technology and many other surprises too! You can join Milt every Monday by watching on our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Robotics – A Growing Industry

Robotics – A Growing Industry

You hear about robotics everywhere, from using drones to deliver packages to robots manufacturing car parts. Robotics is a growing industry and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Twenty-one research reports forecast double-digit growth for robotics! Furthermore, there’s a growing number of industries that have been embracing robotics, such as healthcare, agriculture, automotive, military, and manufacturing. With this increasing number of industries employing robots, more engineers and software professionals are needed to engage in the challenging work of designing robotic devices that perform the necessary repetitive, unpleasant, or dangerous tasks, such as assembling …

Case Study – Eby-Brown Distribution Center

Case Study – Eby-Brown Distribution Center

Project: Eby-Brown in Shepherdsville, Ky

Dealer: Cardinal Integrated – Louisville, KY

About the Project

Eby-Brown is a distribution company that encompasses 18 states, the majority of which are throughout the mid-west and east coast. They deal with a variety of companies, from large to small and are dedicated to quality service, delivery, and providing solutions.

With distribution companies come conveyer belts, shipping and receiving docks, and tall equipment. So, Eby-Brown needed storage, safety partitions, and access control all while fitting within their shop floor’s dimensions and requirements, as well as national regulations.

Application of Materials

This location needed …

Case Study – Mt. Olive Pickle Co.

Case Study – Mt. Olive Pickle Co.

Project: Mt. Olive Pickle Co. – Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Dealer: Carolina Material Handling –

Manufacturing Storage Needed

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. needed an area to store items used in the manufacturing process. They needed customizable and secure wire partitions that allowed for easy storage and organization, especially allowing for future changes. There were two separate cages that were installed on the same day. One was 34’6″ x 14’6″ and the other was 40′ x 23’6″. This allowed for customization to fit within their facility requirements.

Why Was WireCrafters Chosen?

The products fit their needs – …

Protect People, Machinery & Property with GuardRails

Protect People, Machinery & Property with GuardRails

We’d love for you to ask yourselves, “What am I doing to protect my workshop from injury?” Are you prioritizing your preventative measures? A lot of our products can help businesses with this, whether it’s reducing theft through our durable storage lockers or taking care of your equipment and workforce with the use of protective railing. Today we want to focus on GuardRails and why they are absolutely necessary for a workshop. Simply put – GuardRails can save lives and prevent damage to your equipment. We guarantee this benefit to anyone who uses our GuardRail …

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