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Celebrating The Holidays At WireCrafters

Celebrating The Holidays At WireCrafters

At WireCrafters, we take each holiday with stride. So, this winter season, we’re opening up the wire cages for you to get an inside look into what we do around the year for different holidays.

The Winter Season

During the winter season, every company has their own fun and quirky way to celebrate the holidays. So, how does WireCrafters embrace the seasonal spirit?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Yes, we have an office contest of who has the ugliest sweater. It’s fun and festive – this is a photo from this year’s party.

Office Decorations – It’s fun to decorate …

An Organized Data Center Means An Efficient Data Center

An Organized Data Center Means An Efficient Data Center

The importance of keeping an organized data center cannot be stressed enough. According to one study, data centers are expected to grow by roughly 21% every year through 2018. Yet at the same time, IT budgets only range from between 1.5% and 8% of an organization’s total revenue on average – meaning that the people actually working in these data centers are regularly being tasked with doing more with much, much less. See below how WireCrafters can help keep your data center organized.

It Lays Out a Path for the Future

Perhaps the most important benefit to an …

Data Center Security – Wire Partition Below the Floor

Data Center Security – Wire Partition Below the Floor

For cloud computing servers, or any data center containing CPU hardware for two or more clients, typically, wire partitions are used for full security. Simply building a five-sided box over the top of a server may not be enough – some also require the security of a cage extending below the floor for full enclosure and secure segregation.

Data Center Segregation

Our 10 gauge wire mesh partition Server Cages consist of a five-sided enclosure. We take pride in our secure paneled cages, but the real challenge comes into play when securing the bottom vector of your, or your client’s, …

Protecting Amazon Employees from Heavy Truck Traffic

Protecting Amazon Employees from Heavy Truck Traffic

Project: Amazon Distribution Center – Edwardsville, IL
Dealer: Industrial Shelving Systems –

Wire Partitions Needed
The Amazon Distribution Center in Illinois was looking to contain their smoking shelter for their employees on break. There was heavy truck traffic near the smoking shelter where trucks deliver and pick up material. The WireCrafters Cage is keeping the employees safe as well as not allowing any material to get in or out of the cage.

Why WireCrafters?
WireCrafters had all of the necessary components and engineering to make this project work. The concrete had a sloped grade, …

Data Center Security

Data Center Security

In a world where the average cost of a single data breach ballooned to an all-time high of $4 million in 2016, it’s completely understandable that data center security is one of the major things that keeps you up at night. Remember that a security incident does not only mean you’ve been hacked by someone halfway around the world – physical theft and other real life issues are all too common as well. Luckily, WireCrafters can help ease those concerns with a number of unique solutions.

The Wire Partitions and Server Cages

One of the major …

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