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Oak Ridge Pharmacy DEA Drug Storage Cage [Case Study]

Oak Ridge Pharmacy DEA Drug Storage Cage [Case Study]

Project: Oak Ridge Pharmacy

Dealer: Storage Solutions – Knoxville, TX

The Smart Choice – An Easy Call

When Oak Ridge Pharmacy needed a DEA pharmaceutical  storage cage, they knew to call their local material handling distributor, and they knew to call WireCrafters. WireCrafters is the leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions in the United States. WireCrafters DEA Drug Storage Cage application is one of the original reasons that WireCrafters has became a leader in the wire partition industry.

DEA Compliant Drug Storage Cages

Oak Ridge Pharmacy’s pharmaceuticals, by law, must be secured in a …

WireCrafters Donates Window Guards to Protect High School Concessions

WireCrafters Donates Window Guards to Protect High School Concessions

When DeSales High School, an all boys Catholic high school located a few miles away in Louisville, had an outdoor concession stand vandalized, they called WireCrafters to provide wire mesh window guards over their two service windows. The vandals broke out the windows of the concession stand to gain free access to the food and drink inside. WireCrafters, being the nation’s largest wire partition manufacturer with strong ties to our local community, decided to come up with a custom solution.

Protecting our Community

WireCrafters went on location to DeSales High School and noted the dimensions of the …

RackBack® Safety Panels [Case Study]

RackBack® Safety Panels [Case Study]

Project: Milwaukee Brush – Milwaukee, WI

Dealer: Warehouse Equipment Inc. – Germantown, WI

Milwaukee Brush (MB) is a leading manufacturer of a variety of brush and broom products. They provide standard household brooms, a variety of push brooms for different surfaces and handheld counter dusters, and related accessories. In their manufacturing facility are rows of pallet racks in which they store all of their finished manufactured products. These pallet racks can be 20 feet tall with brooms stored loosely and in storage boxes which are a dangerous hazard for personnel walking the aisles below.

MB …

TA-50 Military Storage Lockers – Cannon Air Force Base [Case Study]

TA-50 Military Storage Lockers – Cannon Air Force Base [Case Study]

Project:  TA-50 Military Lockers – Cannon Air Force Base, NM

Dealer: Michigan Storage Products

When Cannon Air Force Base, Home of the 27th Special Operations Wing (27 SOW), needed special military storage lockers for their flight gear, they looked to WireCrafters to help design a TA-50 Military Storage Locker.

The gear storage lockers needed to not only hold standard issue uniforms such as flight suits, but also additional gear like flight helmets and special oxygen masks specific to the 27 SOW. Prior to the installation of the WireCraftersTA-50 military storage lockers, all of their expensive gear …

Polycarbonate Machine Guarding – Parker Aerospace [Case Study]

Polycarbonate Machine Guarding – Parker Aerospace [Case Study]

Project: Parker Aerospace – Fort Worth, TX

Dealer: Leamon Storage Systems – Waxahachie, TX

Parker Aerospace, designers and builders of systems and components for virtually every aircraft flying today, had a safety issue in protecting employees from hazardous debris while walking through their plant.  One of Parker’s machines was projecting small particles of debris out into one of the facility’s personnel walk aisles. Leamon Storage Systems worked with Parker to find a machine guarding solution that protected personnel from these hazards while still allowing workers to visually observe the machine through the guarding to ensure it …

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